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  1. Mrs. Mandeep Singh

  2. Mrs. Sudha Bhatt

  3. Mr. Paul Mathews

  4. Mrs. Dhun M. Gocal

  5. Mr. A .Dungdung

  6. Mrs. Nancy Thomas

  7. Mr. P.K.Bhattacharya

  8. Mrs. B. Dugal

  9. Mrs. Manorama Narang

  10. Mr. C. Natrajan

  11. Mr. Prem Prakash

  12. Mrs Mukherjee

  13. Mr. Charles Scolt

  14. Mrs. Dorothy D'Souza

Mrs Dorothy D'Souza

1979 January was a  landmark in my life when I joined Loyola as a History teacher.    As a young woman still fresh from life in Bombay I was confident,quite stylish and ready to take up any challenge.Yet there were moments of panic as I stepped into classes ten A, B and C and noted the curious,sparkling,prankster and grinning faces of many 16 and 17 years old boys.I t was a new experience for me!!Little did they know that I had a few tricks up my sleeve!!
It was at this juncture that the 1981 batch then in Class nine came to my rescue. They welcomed me with the warmth that only  a  Loyolean can give. I enjoyed their humour,boyish and entertaining. I had settled in , I could appreciate their intelligence, unity, sincerity and loyalty to their school and staff. Here was something different from my good  experiences in Bombay. I felt  pride , amazement at the knowledge and the intelligence of 16 years old boys. I felt an endearment for the naughty rascals who livened up even a boring lesson!
Thirty-four years ago I bid farewell to the '81 batch with mixed feelings ,sad, because they were leaving, happy because I knew for certain that each one, in his own way would leave a mark ,a footprint in life. Last Sunday, thirty four years later,three confident men walked into my house. My old heart skipped a beat.
1981?!! Wow!! I could not stop talking. I needed to know so much....but they were on a mission. Typical of this batch. A check for 25,000 rupees. Health care for their old teachers .  Later I realised the herculean task it must have been to collect this huge sum ,out of concern for their old teachers. I feel sure that all my colleagues must have had tears of emotion, appreciation and amazement as I have now  ,as I realise that you have not forgotten us. To each one of you Loyoleans of 1981 batch, this is my tribute to you !

In my 27 years as a teacher in Loyola l have received numerous awards...A visit from an army captain or Major with a bottle of best army wine. A happy chief engineer from the Merchant navy with chocolates and wine!! A visit to my home in Goa from a young couple and many many phone calls out of the blue and emails from all over the world. All Loyoleans. Who needs National or State awards?!! These are International Awards dear to the heart!!! Jai Loyola!!!
Over at last Sandeep. Thank you for your patience Hope to see you and all Loyoleans in Goa. Be my guest I am 70 better make it soon!!

Mr George Vellapani

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Mrs Dhun  (Sent by her son)

To Sandeep Ghosh

Hi ! My mom has been happily surprised with the gifts you guys had showered on her. Great idea to pep up the spirits of your old teachers. Salute. Roohshad Gocal ---Dhun Gocal's son